Air 20 Minipod: The Phone Booth Re-incarnated

The telephone booth is dead – ripped from the ground, hacked to bits by mysterious artists, or modernised to serve as charging points for it’s great, great grandchild, the mobile telephone. In Germany, they get sent here to peacefully rust away the remainder of their days in the company other chatterboxes: Bti4T3xCQAIIqD7 copy

All, however is not lost… Through the Airea, the phone booth lived on, albeit in the office environment. And in turn the Airea Phone Booth evolved into the ultra modern, uber-chic Air 20 and 21 Minipod.

Being only a foot or so wider than the Airea Phone Booth, the new Air 20 Minipod is the ideal solution for businesses with limited space or that need a few separate spaces where people can work in peace and quiet.

Air3-Minipod-vs-Airea-Phone (1)

It also comes with all the mod cons you’d expect in the year 2014: the Air 21 has a table and power and data modules which means you can happily sit and type on your computer – while linked to the Internet – or plug in your iPad while you read the latest instalment of Après Planet…