Air3 25 Square Meeting Pod

Air3 Square Meeting Pods is an entry level square acoustic office pod suitable for informal meetings for upto 5 people including a table.

Air3 Square meeting pod consists of two models Air3 24 with a fixed closed roof and Air3 25 with the opening roof. Air3 Square pod is a fully realised, perfectly formed prefabricated design achievement, coming eight years after the award winning AIREA acoustic pod range.

Air3 Square Meeting pods incorporate outstanding acoustic performance, with great insulation levels and soft panelling inside and out, finely tuned to absorb and deflect speech outside the pod. You’ll soon appreciate the much needed privacy for your meeting as well as peace and quiet for working.

With a totally fresh aesthetic, the unique look of Air3 is seamless beauty; with high quality glass screens and technically advanced soft panelling, this is a solid architecture that is also soft to the touch. With fully interchangeable panels you’re in control of how the Air3 HSquare Meeting pods look!

The internationally patented roof system allows users to control airflow in within the pod at the flick of a switch, with the roof opening and closing in just 8 seconds, creating a more comfortable environment inside the pod. Instant fresh air.


Air3 Square Meeting pods come available with fixed roofs in the for of Air3 24 or an opening roof with the Air3 25 pod.

Acoustic Privacy: Fine tuned to human speech – 100hz to 5000hz – through optimized insulation levels and innovative soft panelling inside and out, this is the ultimate acoustic office pod.

Airflow: Patented roof allows users to control airflow at the flick of a switch, with the roof opening and closing as desired, releasing heat build-up and creating a more comfortable environment inside the pod.

Straight doors: The door can open from Right to Left or Left to Right (the latter option can be specified at point of order, with a manufacturing upcharge).

Safety first: The unique roof system satisfies the most stringent Global Building Regulations and Standards, not just in the UK and EU, but in the US and Asia Pacific regions too. No need for expensive impractical misting systems or fire extinguishers in this pod! There is a six step fail-safe system allowing the roof to open automatically via actuators, should there be a power or detector failure.

Versatile – Interchangeable panels; change the colours or fabrics of the pod whenever you like, or to integrate with the rest of the office after a redesign.

Visibility Strips: To conform to BS 8300 and Approval Document M for DDA/Health and Safety Requirements we recommend adding visibility strips for sliding doors. You can apply your own design if you prefer.


Air3-24 and Air3-25 Square Meeting Pod Dimensions:

Height in feet: 7.217
Width in feet: 9.91
Depth in feet: 9.141

Height in mm: 2200
Width in mm: 2972
Depth in mm: 2785

Furniture Options

Air3 24 and 25 Square meeting pods can comfortably hold 4 to 5 people for a meeting with a 1600 x 800mm meeting table. In the plan below we show 5 Workday cantilever chairs with a Pars meeting table.

Air24-25 Square Pod with Pars table and Workday Chairs