Air3 Minipod

Air3 Minipods is the smallest acoustic office pod system in the range of pre-fabricated rooms.

The Air3-20 Minipod features a fixed roof with optional table and fan. An ideal acoustic office pod solution for hot desking in a busy office environment where space is at a premium.

Air3 Minipods provide acoustic privacy for making phone calls, informal meetings for two people, as well as conducting telephone interviews, with optimal insulation levels inside and outside the pod.

With a totally fresh aesthetic, the unique look of Air3 Minipods is seamless beauty; with high quality glass screens and technically advanced soft panelling, this is a solid architecture that is also soft to the touch. With fully interchangeable panels you’re also in control of how the Air3 Minipods look!


Air3 Minipods: Air3-20 fixed roof with optional table (optional fan also available).

Acoustic Privacy: Fine tuned to human speech – 100hz to 5000hz – through optimized insulation levels and innovative soft panelling inside and out. A truly acoustic office pod.

Air Circulation: Fans are not supplied as standard, so we recommend adding the Airea-900 fan to your Minipod to create an optimised working environment.

Straight Doors: The doors can open from Right to Left or Left to Right (the latter option can be specified at point of order, with a manufacturing upcharge).

Versatile: Interchangeable panels; change the colours or fabrics of the pod whenever you like, or to integrate with the rest of the office after a redesign.

Visibility Strips: To conform to BS 8300 and Approval Document M for DDA/Health and Safety Requirements we recommend adding visibility strips for sliding doors. You can apply your own design if you prefer.


Air3-20 Minipods Dimensions:

Height in feet: 7.217
Width in feet: 6.568
Depth in feet: 4.921

Height in mm: 2200
Width in mm: 2200
Depth in mm: 1500