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Gatwick should’ve gotten Air3 Meeting Pods…

Office meeting pods have become all the rage in the business world. Gatwick Airport just became the proud owner of tiny workpods, which will allow businessmen and women to go about their business on the fly. For a paltry £12, Regus gives you no less than thirty minutes worth of sit-time in one of their […]

The AIRO is what sets the AIR3 apart from the competition

The technical aspects and innovations that went into the design and manufacturing of AIR 3 acoustic meeting pods are legion. Apart from the customisability of both the exterior and interior of the meeting pods – in terms of material colour and visibility strips on the glass – and the myriad of technological features, like the […]

Some Alternative Uses For The Office Meeting Pod

We’ve shown you the technical side of the Air 3 – the way the roof cleverly opens up when the built in sensors detect smoke or high temperatures, the way the special glass and paneling absorb sound almost entirely, the way data and power modules are fitted to the meeting pods, etcetera etcetera etcetera…   […]

Air 20 Minipod: The Phone Booth Re-incarnated

The telephone booth is dead – ripped from the ground, hacked to bits by mysterious artists, or modernised to serve as charging points for it’s great, great grandchild, the mobile telephone. In Germany, they get sent here to peacefully rust away the remainder of their days in the company other chatterboxes: All, however is not […]

Air 3 Meeting Pods: Technically Sound

The Air 3 Meeting Pod range is to office furniture what Rolls Royce is to the motoring world, but more affordable… In the Air 3 Meeting Pod range there are nine different models, with different shapes and sizes, ensuring any office space – big or small – can enjoy the benefits the Air 3 Meeting […]

The history of the Phone Booth: Part Four

Ah, the phone booth – yes, that very same thing in which Mr. Kent prefers to slip into his spandex and don his hero-garb before rushing off to save many a damsel in distress – has since perhaps the mid 1900’s, become inextricably mixed with popular culture. When delving into the arcane history of Superman, […]

The History of the Telephone Box: Part 3

  So, the telephone booth, in its original incarnation, is dead. Long live the telephone booth!   And in fact, long it will live, because for reasons unbeknownst, film producers and creepy guys with long hair and dark glasses have taken a rather keen interest in them…   Back in 1997 a certain Mr. N, […]

The History of the Telephone Box: Part 2

Here in Queen’s country we like to think of ourselves as being rather great at inventing things. With the thermos flask, lawnmower, light bulb, Television, telephone, Worldwide Web, and most notably – the chocolate bar counting amongst the best British inventions, we have every right to be proud.   But, and there’s always a ‘but’, […]

Booths Begotten: The history of the telephone box

William Gray, in 1889, decided that when a man is about town he needs to be able to phone his friends and tell them about his fun. The solution? He simply designed the world’s first payphone and box. These telephone boxes were placed in busy public areas, railroad stations and fancy hotels to lure in […]

Customise your Air3 Meeting Pod

The facts came in, the results were tallied and the bottom line is that colour plays a big part in employees’ productivity at work (have a look here).   Luckily, the designers have been a step or three ahead of the game and designed the Air3 Meeting Pods to have fully interchangeable colour panels that you […]