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Modern Office Environment Tips

Modern Office Environment Tips As agile working is (maybe not so) slowly taking over the modern office environment, all the furniture heavyweights are chipping in to give their take on what an agile working environment is and what it needs. While we broke up the office space into three areas (At Home In The Office, The Human […]

Why your office needs an Air3 Meeting Pod

Why your office needs an Air3 Meeting Pod Agile working is a tricky term to describe and it’s even trickier to get the setup of an agile working environment right… It’s less about the place or even the time of working, and more about how the work is done in order to get the best results […]

Air3: Make the meeting in a pod

Air3: Make the meeting in a pod The corporate world loves a good old meeting. So much so in fact, that Londoners only just missed out on a podium-spot in the world-rankings of most-meetings-held-in-one-year – just behind the likes of Silicon Valley, LA and New York (we can remedy this by scheduling meetings about having more […]

New Air3 Meeting Pod is the best yet

New Air3 Meeting Pod is the best yet If you’ve read our recent post on the office trends that are shaping the workplace of today, you’d have seen that it’s all about creating open spaces where collaboration and cross-pollination can flourish. But what if you need a bit of solitude, a spot where you can […]

It’s easy with Air3

It’s become widely accepted that to have some private meeting room space in open plan and co-working spaces are imperative. These spaces not only get used by team members wishing to have confidential conversations, but also by those who wish to escape the noise that comes with the open plan territory and focus on a […]