Air3 Meeting Pods

Meeting Pods

Meeting Pods offer businesses, libraries and public spaces unfixed and flexible prefabricated rooms when meeting rooms are in short supply.

Have you ever found yourself looking for a suitable room for a meeting in the office, only to discover that the only rooms left are just too small?  Maybe you’ve booked a room for your one-to-one and it ends up being the boardroom, with disgruntled larger groups looming at the door half way through your meeting, whilst you bask in a space large enough for several more people… Distracted, you wonder if you should disrupt your own meeting, and find a smaller space…

Sound familiar?

Meeting Pods can help solve these problems by providing smaller privacy pods.  Combining advanced acoustics, fire safety, ventilation, lighting and electrics the Air3 Meeting pods are the most advance private meeting pod solution on the market. Meeting Pods allow modern open plan offices and interiors to create closed meeting rooms, breakout spaces or single user privacy pods for making calls.  They come in various sizes and shapes and are easy to install with no planning permission required. Call us today for your meeting pods requirements.