Modern Office Environment Tips

Modern Office Environment Tips

As agile working is (maybe not so) slowly taking over the modern office environment, all the furniture heavyweights are chipping in to give their take on what an agile working environment is and what it needs.

While we broke up the office space into three areas (At Home In The Office, The Human Factor and Quiet Time), each meeting specific needs of the modern agile office, Knoll figures that there are four cornerstones to the agile approach:


This is a key factor in agile working and while different planning approaches suit different organisations, one universal need is flexibility. A variety of nimble settings and adaptable pieces support the different ways people work and move. This means that breakout areas, for instance, become much more than a place where employees go to eat – instead, they can also be used for informal meetings, brainstorming sessions or team-building exercises.

Individuals and Teams

Tying in nicely with Flexibility is the fact that the best planning optimises for the needs of individuals and teams alike. In a modern office environment and open plan offices, there is often a need for groups and individuals to occupy a space simultaneously. Creating discrete segregations, or employing acoustic pods and furniture for focused work intermixed with areas that facilitate conversation, collaboration, and social activity is imperative.

Air3 Half Quare Pod


People are the most important asset any business has and their needs should be at the centre of the company’s life-work design. Welcoming spaces, like a good restaurant or pub, hinge on ambience and social experience — both important components of work. With the right furniture, you can set the desired tone for your workplace which makes people feel welcome and more productive at work.


With the attention shifting to workplace wellbeing, companies cannot afford not to invest in their workforce’s health. People want to be in places that make them feel good: near natural light, with access to fresh air, and surrounded by products with adaptable ergonomic support. A happy workforce is, after all, a productive workforce.


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