Why your office needs an Air3 Meeting Pod

Why your office needs an Air3 Meeting Pod

Agile working is a tricky term to describe and it’s even trickier to get the setup of an agile working environment right…

It’s less about the place or even the time of working, and more about how the work is done in order to get the best results possible.  With this in mind, manufacturers and designers put their heads together to come up with office solutions that will help individuals perform better whether they need to stand, sit, perch or constantly move around while working.

One certainty, however, is that you would need a spot where your employees could escape the hustle and bustle and sit in quiet if they need to or where they can have private meetings.

And that’s where the Air3 comes in.  The system is customisable, demountable, can easily be reconfigured and, unlike partitioning, there are no dilapidation costs to consider.

This means that Air3 Pods follow the agile working philosophy and are the perfect tool to help you increase the office productivity. Being a non-fixed feature, these pods can be moved or taken with you when moving offices and can be fully customised to fit in with your corporate colours and look.

Its speech privacy credentials are second to none and will make sure that employees who need some quiet to work in can do so without being disturbed by other workers. The acoustic qualities, however, work both ways, which means that confidential meetings can be held in Air3 meeting pods without the fear of being overheard or of disturbing workers on the outside.

Here are five reasons why you should buy an Air3 Meeting Pod:

1. Silence is golden, and the designers of the Air3 understand that. That’s why the Meeting Pods offer workers the closest thing to…silence… All of the meeting pods are fine-tuned to human speech and actually filter out 95% of outside noise through the clever use of soft panelling and insulation.

2. We live in an ever-changing world where flexibility is key. That’s why all the Air3 models are completely flexible and unfixed. Moving office? No worries! Just pack up your meeting pod and cart it with you!

3. Variety is (apparently) the spice of life, and for that reason, Air3 Pods come as standard with interchangeable panels. Colour-code your pod to match up with your current office interiors or design your own personalised visibility strips (no one likes walking into a meeting with a bloody nose…) that echo your brand personality.

4. Air3 Pods are available with power and data modules. Oh, and don’t let anyone fool you: size matters. The Air3 Meeting Pod range comes in sizes ranging from one person units to boardroom sized units, meaning there’s an option that will meet your office’s needs!

5. Air3 Meeting pods have a totally unique opening and closing roof system to satisfy the most stringent of Global Building Regulations and Standards in the UK / EU, US and the Asia Pacific regions. The Air3’s patented roof allows users to control airflow at the flick of a switch, with the roof opening and closing as desired, releasing heat build-up and creating a more comfortable environment inside the pod.

Air3 Meeting Pod

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