New Air3 Meeting Pod is the best yet

New Air3 Meeting Pod is the best yet

If you’ve read our recent post on the office trends that are shaping the workplace of today, you’d have seen that it’s all about creating open spaces where collaboration and cross-pollination can flourish.

But what if you need a bit of solitude, a spot where you can grab a second or two of much-needed quietness to crunch some numbers or have a confidential conversation with a colleague without worrying about others overhearing.

Enter then the Air3 Meeting Pod.

Eight years ago Orangebox completed the first prefabricated room system ­– the AIREA acoustic pod range. And after several awards and accolades, the folks at Orangebox decided to step things up a bit and came up with their new Air3 Meeting Pod.

With the Air3, it does exactly what it says on the box; it’s an un-tethered flexible room built from high-quality glass and soft acoustic panelling. Throw in interchangeable panels to keep things fresh, and you’ve got a very pleasant capsule where you can isolate yourself from the outside world.

The Air 3 Meeting Pod is, however, more than the sum of its parts. Apart from the acoustic privacy it offers (which by the way, is quite impressive…), it is also designed to pass the most stringent building regulations and standards with flying colours.

Slits in the ceiling of the pod are fitted with integrated smoke and heat detectors and the moment the sensors detect a problem, power to the pod is cut and the roof opens to allow sprinklers to drown out any threats. Nifty!

Available as a meeting pod or mini pod –a single person unit – these are a must-have for any business.

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