Air3 Rectangular Meeting Pod

Gatwick should’ve gotten Air3 Meeting Pods…

Office meeting pods have become all the rage in the business world. Gatwick Airport just became the proud owner of tiny workpods, which will allow businessmen and women to go about their business on the fly. For a paltry £12, Regus gives you no less than thirty minutes worth of sit-time in one of their pods. And that is completely justified you might say, filling out an online form to connect to the airport’s free Wi-Fi is, after all, such a drag…


Sarcasm aside, a hair-breadth wider than an old-school telephone booth, the workpod comes standard with a desk and a chair, a computer screen and telephone (for local calls only), a mobile-device charger and Wi-Fi. That’s a whole lot of technology in a meeting pod the size of a shoebox.


But Gatwick could’ve done better. They could have chosen the Air3 Meeting Pod…and here are five reasons why:


1. Silence is golden, and the folk over at Orangebox understand that. That’s why their Air3 Meeting Pods offer workers the closest thing to…silence… All their meeting pods are fine-tuned to human speech (100hz – 5000hz) through the clever use of soft paneling and insulation, which means aeroplanes can take off and land beside you and all you’ll hear is your director’s voice on the other side of the phone!


2. We live in an ever-changing world where flexibility is key. That’s why all the Air3 models are completely flexible and unfixed. Moving office? No worries just pack up your meeting pod and cart it with you!


3. Variety is apparently the spice of life, and for that reason the Air3 Meeting Pods come standard with interchangeable panels. Colour-code your pod to match up with your office decorations or design your own personalised visibility strips that echo your brand personality.


4. Air3 Meeting Pods are available with power and data modules, a very nifty air-condition system and fixed desks. Oh, and don’t let anyone fool you; size matters. The Air3 Meeting Pod range comes in sizes ranging from petite to gargantuan, meaning there’s any option that will meet your office’s needs!


5. It’s all about the safety! Air3 meeting Pods feature a six step fail-safe mechanism that keeps workers safe in case of emergencies. The safety mechanism detects any sudden rises in temperatures or the appearance of smoke and opens the roof of the pod for sprinklers to reach the inside in the event of the fire. Simultaneously power to the pod is cut automatically. Ingenious!

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