The AIRO is what sets the AIR3 apart from the competition

The technical aspects and innovations that went into the design and manufacturing of AIR 3 acoustic meeting pods are legion.

Apart from the customisability of both the exterior and interior of the meeting pods – in terms of material colour and visibility strips on the glass – and the myriad of technological features, like the fact that you are virtually soundproof inside the pod whilst still having access to the Internet through integrated power and data modules, the AIR 3 acoustic meeting pod also keeps you safe…

The design of the meeting pods are enhanced with the addition of AIRO, a revolutionary and internationally patented roof system which features an advanced fire safety system for sprinklered office environments.

With built-in smoke and heat sensors, the AIRO roof is designed to have numerous folding panels, which fold open automatically within eight seconds when a fire is detected.

The six step fail safe system is designed to cut power to the pods the moment smoke or fire is detected, but luckily the actuators don’t need power to open the roof in this instance, but rather rely on a mechanical spring release.

By opening the roof electronically while it is in use, the AIRO also allows for the release of a heat build up and an instantaneous burst of that all too important fresh air!

The AIRO is available in al the AIR 3 models which that whatever your needs are, you can still enjoy the benefits of the AIRO.



Air3 25 Square Meeting Pod

Some Alternative Uses For The Office Meeting Pod

We’ve shown you the technical side of the Air 3 – the way the roof cleverly opens up when the built in sensors detect smoke or high temperatures, the way the special glass and paneling absorb sound almost entirely, the way data and power modules are fitted to the meeting pods, etcetera etcetera etcetera…


But of course their uses don’t stop at having private conversations or confidential meetings in them… Here are a couple of alternative uses for the Air 3 range:


1. Hide from your boss. The Air 3 is customizable with visibility stripes of your choice, and if you intend on hiding, we’d advise getting them as thick as possible!


2. Vent. Yeah, that’s right, get it all off your chest…the meeting pods are after all called “Acoustic Meeting Pods”…


3. Run laps. The round and lozenge meeting pods are perfect for a spot of secluded exercise – just move the furniture to the middle and you can run to your heart’s content. Who knows, you might be the next Bolt!


4. Break records! See how many people you can squeeze into the Mini Pod (Phone Booth) – 25’s the record…


5. Team building. See number four.


6. Catch up on Game of Thrones. So you’ve added those (un)visibility strips, the booth is pretty much soundproof, it has data modules and a projector and you’re a season behind in G.O.T… Go on, no one will ever know!