Air 3 Meeting Pods: Technically Sound

The Air 3 Meeting Pod range is to office furniture what Rolls Royce is to the motoring world, but more affordable…

In the Air 3 Meeting Pod range there are nine different models, with different shapes and sizes, ensuring any office space – big or small – can enjoy the benefits the Air 3 Meeting Pod brings to the workplace.

Despite differences in size and shape, all the meeting pods have the same acoustic features and are fine-tuned to human speech – 100hz to 5000hz – through the clever use of state of the art optimised insulation panels on both the inside and out.

With the Air 3 Mini Pod as the exception, the rest of the range all have the option of being installed with a patented roof which allows users to control the airflow and noise pollution levels inside the pod with a simple press of a button. Panels in the roof allow for opening and closing, which is important both for releasing heat buildup and blocking out external noise.


This clever roof system doubles up as an important safety feature as built-in smoke and temperature detectors automatically open the roof when they are set off. This six-step fail-safe system adheres to all safety regulations:

1. Integrated smoke detector cuts power to the pod & opens the roof.

2. Integrated heat detector cuts power to the pod & opens the roof.

3. PIR opens the roof when not in use during the day & also equally important at night.

4. Removal or failure of the smoke detector cuts power to the pods & opens the roof.

5. Optional connection to the building fireboard. In the event of a fire alarm power is cut to the pod opening the roof.

6.In the event of a power failure the roof will, by default, always open.

Service hoops are offered as an option on all the pods from the Half Square Pod all the way up to the Large Square Pod. These service hoops allows for power and data to be added to the impressive list of features the pods offer. As an addition, adjustable screen arms can also be fixed to the service hoop.

Air3 Power and Data



Aesthetically the pods offer massive versatility as all the soft panels are interchangeable and available in a wide range of colours. To conform to BS 8300 and Approval Document M for DDA/Health and Safety Requirements we recommend adding visibility strips to the sliding doors. These designs can be made bespoke according to requirements. You therefore have no excuse to not use an Air 3 Meeting Pod…


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