Air3 Customized Pods

Customise your Air3 Meeting Pod

The facts came in, the results were tallied and the bottom line is that colour plays a big part in employees’ productivity at work (have a look here).


Luckily, the designers have been a step or three ahead of the game and designed the Air3 Meeting Pods to have fully interchangeable colour panels that you can change at a whim or as the need arises.


Available colours range from warm reds that are proven to improve energy and urgency, to cool blues, which enhances thinking and performance. The Meeting Pods are also available in a range of greens and brown, which respectively supports balance and creates a feeling of comfort.



And if changing the colour completely isn’t enough, the Air3 Meeting Pods are also available in a range different shapes and sizes making it a truly customizable and versatile office necessity:


Half Round Pods: Air 10 and Air 11

Round Pods: Air 12 with a fixed roof and Air 13 with an opening roof

Lozenge (Intermediate size): Air 14 and Air 15

Large Soft Corner Pods: Air 16 and Air17

Minipods: Air 20 and Air 21

Half Square Pods: Air 22 and Air 23

Square pods: Air 24 and Air 25

Rectangular Pods: Air 26 with a fixed roof and Air 27 with an opening roof

Large Square Pods: Air 28 and Air 29

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