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Air3 Office Meeting Pods

Great Acoustic Performance

Air3 Meeting Pods provide great acoustic performance in a totally flexible unfixed room system. Air3 has a quantified installed acoustic performance. You know where you stand with the pods before you install.

Air3 Has a Totally Fresh Aesthetic

The unique look of Air3 has a beauty in its contradictions, one side clear uninterrupted transparency yet solid at the same time, the other side an opaque solid look, yet completely soft to the touch.

Automated 6 Step Fail Safes

Air3 Meeting pods have a totally unique opening and closing roof system to satisfy the most stringent of Global Building Regulations and Standards in the UK / EU, US and Asia Pacific regions.

Air3 Acoustic Office Meeting Pods

Air3 Office Meeting Pods offer 10 acoustic pod shapes in various sizes which can be specified wth a fixed roof or with its innovative patented opening roof system. Below you will find some of the various meeting pod sizes.